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Two tiny lives
Two tiny lives
Were in my keeping
They would have looked to me
For protection and guidance
In the years that laid ahead
Two tiny lives
Were in my keeping
They would have learnt their
First lessons of love from me and
How to walk talk laugh and sing.
Two tiny lives
Are in God's keeping
Looking down from heaven above
Dancing jumping running and smiling
I'm so glad you're in such good hands.
Debbie Szann

They Say Love is Blind
They say love is blind and you made this true.
I never got to place you in a outfit either pink or blue.
Never rocked you in my arms as you quietly slept.
Not one tear did i get to dry as you sadly wept.

I loved you none the less with all of my heart.
My world crashing down when we were torn apart.
I dream of you wrapped in a blanket of a white angel wing.
The lullaby you hear is the comfort I wanted to bring.

I still hold you everyday the only way i know how.
God doesn't take my love for you this much he does allow.
It is as stong as it would have been if I would have seen you.
After my journey in life is done I will carry my love through.

It will carry me straight to you, you will never be hard to find.
We will be together and I will hold the love that was blind.
Looking into eyes that are mine that show a soul I made.
I will place you upon my chest where you always should have laid.

They say love is blind and you made this come true.
I will place you in an outfit either pink or blue.
I will rock you in my arms as you quietly sleep.
I will dry your tears as you happily weep.

Christine R. Sinkel
Jan. 20, 2001

The Nursery
The spare room is empty. We want it filled now
We still keep on trying to
But still don't know how.
The doctors, the nurses, the mothers in law
They all say "like this"
But we can't open the door.
At the end of the tunnel, there isn't a light
Just endless frustration and total utter fright.
More disappointments, more broken hearts
We do the right things, don't have the right parts!
The needles, the testing... all seem in vain
But maybe just maybe it will be worth the pain.
When the carpets go down and the footsteps aren't heard
when the walls are coloured with letters and words
The lightshade that shows us the beauty of sleep
A rocking chair to cradle our baby who weeps
The curtains that close when bedtime is due
With pictures of fun, like winnie the pooh
Danny or Tia, don't mind who comes first
Niether will be best, neither the worst.
I'll love you both equal.....unconditionally
Perhaps we'd get lucky, perhaps there'd be three
In the room there'd be laughter, so full of love
Please someone send me a blessing from above.
One day, maybe the room will echo no more
The room will be quiet, shh, mind the door.
"I just got them off now. I'm going for a doze"
I'd be tired and restless, but worth it for those
Beautiful children. Heart filled with joy
Brimming over with Love, for my girl and my boy.
Tiptoes won't echo on the floor anymore.
By Grant T Usher

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