Our Beautiful Angels
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What happened next
Everything seemed to be going so well, we were so excited, then suddenly last friday 15th March everything changed. The day started off fine, then suddenly at 1.30pm I felt like i had wet myself, if only, but it was blood, i had started to bleed, so myself and my friend Michelle went straight to the local hospital in milton keynes and I was examined and told that they would try to do a scan, they did the scan and it showed that we were having twins, and they also saw lots of flickering, but they couldn't be certain if they were still ok, so They said that because I was still bleeding and in a lot of pain, I would have to be admitted over night. On saturday morning, everything had settled down and I was discharged and told to rest. I felt that there was still hope at this time. Saturday evening everything came back and Pat and I went into London to North Middlesex Hospital as they had been treating me. I saw a SHO and he examined me and said my womb was tight shut and that things could be ok, but that if i wanted a scan I could wait to see the registra which we did.
Dr Roberts came down at about 10pm and she did a scan, sadly there was only one baby there, the other one had already miscarriaged and she had a good look at the baby that was still there but sadly there was no heartbeat, so by then baby number two was classed as a missed miscarriage. I was told to come back on Tuesday for a D&C but on the Monday the pain worsened so i went back then, and they did another scan, and sadly baby number two had also gone, so was now classed as a complete miscarriage.
Everything gone and my hopes and dreams all over, in four short days.


This is a poem our friend Michelle wrote for debby after she had lost the babies.
To Debby
Sorry you are feeling sad
sorry you are felling bad
i will be here for you
to help you through
i will be strong
to help you along
i will be your friend that you can depend
i will be here forever
through any weather
i won't go away
we'e here to stay
i will wipe your tears
be little dears
i will help you along
help you move on
i will ease the pain
help you see through the rain
i will care
always be there
i will be your sunshine
like your mine
when i'm not there
please take care
i will think of you
all night through
you can phone
when your alone
we will lend an ear
be sincerce
at the end
i'm your best friend
love Michelle

Times Change
Things change, times change.
Why can't we stay the same
Everything fine, going OK.
Suddenly, suddenly, every things changed.
No love, no laughter, no happiness.
Suddenly all gone, but where?
I wish I knew. Maybe it will come back,
but I think not.
Why, oh why, can't we stay the same.
I wish we could,
but times change.

A little poem I wrote in memory of our twins.