Our update on our struggle to concieve a brother or sister for our precious angel twins.
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What we have been up to since March 2002
Since the twins died in March this year, things have been very hard, we are still going through the first aniversaries including there due date which is coming up next month on the 28th October.
Debby has had a cancer scare and Pat has had a nasty car accident where he broke his chest bone and numerous ribs.

Debbys battle to concieve again.
We were told to wait a few months before starting treatmrnt again so that Debby could recover physically and emotionally. We decieded with the go ahead from the hospital that the 1st August would be a good time to start treatment, however Debby had a few scares when she had a routinue scan which showed abnormalites on her scan so treatment was put on hold until 4th September when eveything seemed fine.
Here is a little diary that Debby has kept over the last few weeks.
My day by day history for this cycle.

Provera 5th till 12th august

Bleed 13th till 20th august

Scan 16th august result, lining 13.7mm told to return in 3 weeks to see if I will need a hystoscopy because of the lining being thick

Scan 4th September result, lining reduced to 6.9mm everything seems fine
Dr Conway appointment 4th September has said everything is OK, and that I can start treatment, I am so excited as is pat.

Provera 4th September till 13th September bleed started early, so last day on provera was Monday 9th September

Bleed 10th September to 16th September

Scan Friday 13th September CD4 Scan showed that the lining is now 7mm, but since then I have bleed a lot more so it could now be thinner, the doctor is happy with everything on to injections 1 Ampoule of Menagon daily in my bottom. Pat is finding it to difficult so I am starting to do them myself from Monday 16th September, its hard but the outcome will be worth it I hope

Scan Friday 20th September CD11 I had my scan and my lining is now 8mm which is good and I have lots of follicles on each side they all measure between 6 and 7 mm so I have been raised to 1 and a half ampoles a day, but I am taking one a half one day then 2 the next and I hope they are a bit bigger this week, but we will have to wait and see.
Blood test Friday 20th september 2002 done estradioal my level is 272

Scan Wednesday 25th September CD16 lining 10.4mm lots of follicles, pain and slight bleeding.

Thursday 26th September CD17 I passed a large mass this morning.

Friday 27th September CD18 I saw dr dowler at 8.45 she said I had to take it to uch for them to test it, Dr dowler also says to have a beta hcg to see what my level is doing the result comes back as under 1 which means if it was a pregnancy it has been dead for a while.

Scan Friday 27th September 2002 CD18 at uch my lining has reduced to 9.4mm and I have numerous follicles on both sides, we discuss whether to cancel treatment until my result comes back next Thursday but I deciede to carry on, I am upped to 2 ampoles daily
Blood test estradiol Friday 27th Sepember 2002 result 342

Saturday/Sunday 28th/29th September 2002 CD19/20 Lots of pain at the bottom of my tummy like its being stretched.

Thursday Appointment with Ms Subba at North Middlesex CD24 She scanned me and my largest follicle was 12.4 and my lining was 10.2 she wants to see me again in 4 weeks and is happy that I have no fibroids or polyps (it had already gone, thats what I passed)

Scan Friday 4th October 2002 CD25 I had my scan lining thickened to 12.6mm and boy so many follicles I had 8 ranging from 12mm to 16 mm and lots of smaller ones. The plan of action is to reduce from 2 to one and a half ampoles. I had my estradial done and I have another scan on Monday this will be make or break if I have a lot of large follicles then the cycle will be cancelled if not I will have my hcg shot on Monday. I just have to pray now.

Blood test estradial Friday 4th October 2002 result 2525

Scan Monday 7th October 2002 CD28 Scan at 4.15 this will be the moment of truth as to whether or not I can continue treatment for this cycle if I can then I will have my releasing drug of 10000units of hcg heres hoping. Well I have had my scan today and the results were wonderful, I have one follicle at 18mm, one at 15mm lots at 12mm and lots under 10mm. So I have been given my releasing injection of hcg and we just have to wait and see now, I am at the beginning of the 2 week wait and I should know on or around the 21st October 2002 I also had an estradiol done the results are 2010

Result of the mass I passed. The results have finally come back and thankfully it was not a pregnancy it was a polyp which thankfully broke off naturally and I dont need it removed surgically.
Scan Monday 14th October 02 CD35 Lining 14mm everything looks fine the follicle did release an egg and the burst follicle now measures 25mm by 24mm everything looks fine and I am to stay on the pessaries of progesterone until at least next Monday but I wont get a natural period if it doesn’t work so I have to have a beta hcg next Monday and if it worked I can stay on pesseries if not I will come off and have a period.

The out come of this treatment cycle.
Well the news is that I have completed the cycle and I had my releasing injection of 10000 units of hcg on Monday 7th October 2002 when I had a scan which showed lots of follicles one of 18mm, one of 15mm, lots at 12mm and lots at under 10mm.
Its now the waiting game, I am officially on the long stretch of the two week wait and I should have AF by Monday 21st October 2002 if not then I can do a pregnancy test and this will confirm a pregnancy.
Fingers crossed and lots of baby dust prayers.