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The Treatment before our angels were concieved
The treatment started on Friday 4th January 2002, I went to see my consultant Mr Cowan and he had decieded that my surgery for Ovarian Drilling on 20th December 2001 had gone well and he was to start ovulation Induction.
This started on 4th January with one ampole of Metrodin daily for one week, I went back the following Thursday, 10th January and had a scan this showed only tiny follicles, I then had another week of one ampole daily and also two tablets each 500 mg of Metformin, I went back the following Thursday, 17th January and had another scan, again this showed only small follicles, I then had to increase my ampoles to 2 daily and my Metformin was also increased to three tablets daily. The following Thursday, 24th January, Mr Cowan, was concerned that the follicles just were not growing, So it was aggreed that if nothing had happened by the following Thursday then this cycle would be cancelled. I was very upset by this, but i thought time would tell. For the last week my ampoles were increased to three daily with the metformin still at three daily, but I was also put onto Bursulin Nasal spray, five times a day. I went back the following Thursday, 31st January and to our utter amazement the scan showed I had numerous large follicles, Mr Cowan was very pleased and I had to go back the following day, 1st February 2002 for a final scan and to have my Hcg, which was 5000 units.
I was then told to go home and try to concieve naturally, which we did!

What Happened Next
The next part was the worst bit, or so i thought at the time, it is what is known as the two week wait, which is when you just have to wait to see if the treatment has worked.
Here is a poem I was sent about the two week wait.
Poem I Wrote For All of You

Oh how I hate the two week wait

Wondering if AF will make her date

Or by some miracle be 9 months late

Forever changing my family's fate

Every day I try not to obsess

Is this the month? I try to guess

I can't stop wondering, and I must confess

It is the source of so much stress!

Without you ladies, I would be lost,

Battling infertility does come at a cost

Up and down our emotions are tossed

Each cycle gone by, another bridge crossed.

Such is the heartache of trying to conceive

Every time AF shows, again I grieve

I try to hang on, I try to believe

That one day soon, this list I'll leave

My wish to all is that soon you'll find

Your HPT is double-lined

Then all this pain you can leave behind

With a baby in your arms, and peace in your mind.



During our two week wait and behond
I am not very patient at the best of times, and two weeks is an awful long time, so when we got to eight days, i had to do a test, which came out possitive, but i didn't want to hold out hope until i got to the end of the two weeks, but two days later on day ten, i started to bleed, and boy did i bleed, this continued for ten days, and i had very bad pain as well, so i had to come to the conclusion that it wasn't meant to be, but then a miracle happened, for some reason my Doctor, Dr Dowler, did a Beta HCG blood test and it came back at 7, for a non pregnancy it is below 5, so i did another test at home which was also possitive.
I had more Beta hcgs, done and they kept doubling, so Dr Dowler decieded i needed a scan so on February 27th I had a scan at North Middlesex Early pregnancy Assesment Unit, and they found the sac and yolk, which was to be our babies home, because I was only 5 weeks and 3 days it was too early to see baby, but it measured 2.7mm and they wanted too see me ten days later.
I couldn't wait ten days without knowing anything, so my wonderful GP Dr Dowler aranged for another Beta HCG, on the following Friday, 2nd March and it had doubled perfectly to 232 and I was so pleased.
The following Thursday I went back and had another scan and mum came with me, and It was such a happy time, because not only did we see a perfect baby who was 6.65mm in length we were also able to see the little heartbeat which was beating so well.
I was discharged from there and told that my care was now under the normal hospital antenatal scheme.
I was so excited, on the way home, I phoned Pat and he was over the moon, We then popped in to see Dr Dowler and she was so happy, she cried. I gave her one of the pictures, as she had helped so much, on the way out, I told one of the receptionists who had been so helpful, Maria, and she was crying as well when I showed her the beautiful picture of our baby, at this point there had only been confirmation of one baby, the other baby was smaller and still just looked like what is decribed as an echo free area.
This was such a happy time for us, after such a long battle, our wishes were finally coming true.

And then the worst thing possible happened

http://www.HonoredBabies.org ------------- Honored Babies is a site offering support and resources to women who have experienced the death of their babies to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy termination, stillbirth, neonatal death, and/or infant death.